Márton Kukely to receive Sipos István Award

The HUNGRAIL Hungarian Railway Conference 2019 was held on the 1st of October 2019 where the Sipos István Award was given to the recently deceased Márton Kukely, CEO of CER Cargo, head of the Monitoring Comittee of HUNGRAIL Hungarian Railway Association, former president of MÁV. The Award was initiated by HUNGRAIL Hungarian Railway Association with the support of Istvan Sipos’s family in order to recognise the decades-long efforts of the most significant people in the railway industry. The award was given by the president of HUNGRAIL, Dr. Róbert Homolya, the managing director, Lajos Hódosi and members of the awards comittee to Márton Kukely’s children, Marianna Kukely and Márton Kukely jr.